luxury villa and apartments in turkey Bodrum Turkey


Amazing History, Stunning Scenery and Delicious Cuisine

luxury villa and apartments in turkey in Bodrum and Turkey

The Perfect Setting for Your Holiday

When looking for the right location to situate the Lagoon View development, there were a number of critical factors that listed high such as infrastructure, convenient amenities and the potential for future growth. The local area of the Lagoon View development has all of this and more. Set amongst ancient amphitheatres and the breath-taking scenery of the Tuzla lake, the Lagoon View development has all of the ingredients to provide you with the perfect holiday, and the perfect investment opportunity.

The local area has something for everyone, from amazing historical sites to incredible beaches and golf courses for enthusiasts and some of the worlds best scuba diving sites. Scroll down for more information on all this and more.

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It goes without saying that if you are thinking of investing in property abroad it is vital that you know as much about the location, as the development itself. If you don’t know too much about Turkey, we can tell you that it is a vast and varied country that boasts some incredible landscapes and natural wonders, and is renowned as one of the world’s foremost tourist destinations.

Turkey is a true melting pot where a number of different cultures, religions and ethnic backgrounds come together to create a dynamic, exciting country that straddles the continents of Europe and Asia. Turkey is not just the entrance to the East but a corridor into the past, and it has a number of ancient cities that will take your breath away.

Turkey has wonderful weather and from February to November the country has a beautiful climate with long days and a baking sun that is the perfect accompaniment whether you are walking across a sandy beach or strolling through a historic town.

We can promise that once you’ve experienced the wonderful temperatures, the agreeable people and the delightful cuisine, you’ll soon be making plans for your next visit.




Bodrum and Other Places to Visit



The Bodrum Peninsula is fringed with a crystal clear stretch of the Aegean, and has a distinctly European feel.

Our luxury villa and apartments in Turkey are designed for those who don’t want hustle and bustle, but desire peace and tranquillity. However, if you desire a little excitement, local towns are just a stones throw away. Bodrum is the closest town to Lagoon View developments and will take just 30 minutes by car or taxi.

Bodrum is Turkey’s answer to St. Tropez and is a laid-back coastal town that offers swimming in azure waters, dining in upscale restaurants and sailing in the luxury yacht marina. Bodrum is a highly sought-after destination that is immensely popular with Turkish families and tourists from all over the world and there are a number of attractions that will keep you returning.

Bodrum is a good starting point for a journey along the Carian coast, with its aura of mythology and history. It is known today as the yachting centre of Turkey, and for the construction of traditional wooden hulled boats known as gulets. Many of these boats can be seen in Bodrum marina adjacent to the prestigious yacht club and castle. Here, many day trips can be organised to nearby islands and coves, including Karanda where you can enjoy a therapeutic mud bath.




luxury villa and apartments in turkey in Bodrum and Turkey

 Sun, Sea And Sand 

For those who crave sand and sun, there are many secluded beaches around the peninsular, all with lovely restaurants nearby. Some of the best ones are situated in Gümbet, Bitez, Ortakent and Akyarlar. The nearby resort of Marmaris with its perfect natural harbour and abundance of lovely fish restaurants is also a must visit.

For true sun seekers the average temperatures for Bodrum are as follows


  • January 11°C
  • April 22°C
  • July 32°C
  • October 23°C


luxury villa and apartments in turkey in Bodrum and Turkey


For History Buffs

In classical antiquity Bodrum was known as Halicarnassus, a major city in ancient Caria. The modern name Bodrum derives from the town's medieval name Petronium, which has its roots in the Hospitaller Castle of St. Peter.

There are a number of castles, a mausoleum and an amphitheatre and the local area is steeped in ancient history. With many Roman ruins still intact, it is the perfect place for anyone interested in history and culture.

A must visit, for any one vaguely interested in history is Bodrum castle, with its wealth of special exhibitions with artefacts dating back to the knights of Saint John in 1402.



For Golf Enthusiasts

Just a five minute drive from Lagoon View is the PGA standard 18 hole Vita Park golf course, complete with a golfing academy, spa and beauty treatments.

For Scuba Divers

With up to 30m visibility and countless wrecks and reefs to dive in, the area is becoming a must dive location.

For Nature Lovers

Lagoon View looks out over the Tuzla lake and the protected reserve where the flamingos visit each year. The area around Lagoon View is full of wild flowers and lush green vistas that will calm and cool your soul.



Lagoon View Development's Stunning Location

This map shows the location of the luxury Lagoon View development. You can see from the map how close Lagoon View is to Flamingo lagoon, the local beach areas and the Vita Park golf course.

We are only a 15 minute drive from Bodrum airport, which is on the opposite side of the mountain range to Lagoon View, and as such we suffer no air traffic noise. A further 20 minute drive and you are in Bodrum town centre.

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